Learn Maths Like a Pro 

Learn Maths Like a Pro 

‘Math is difficult!’, Math is boring!’ we have come across these phrases once in our lifetime, more evidently, we at times might have said these phrases while we learn maths

Are we at fault? Or is maths really difficult and boring? 

Frankly, both the answers would be no. We are not at fault neither the subject is boring or difficult. Then what is the reason behind such gloominess with this subject?

The reason is, from an early age, this is been created in our mind that ‘math is difficult’ and for this, we survived maths learning rather enjoying it!

Another factor that is also responsible for this gloominess is that maximum of us did 

not have proper guidance when it came to Maths learning.

So, what is the correct way of learning math? Can we be a pro at it? We will find it out in this content. But, firstly let us take a brief note on ‘dot product’.

Learn Maths With Less Difficulty and More Fun

Ever imagines Maths will be as easy for you that you will get an instant drive to solve the sums? Well, this is possible with good guidance. 

  • Maths must not be learned in an atmosphere of fear or tension. Rather the subject is all about fun! The best suggestion to make Maths fun is to add a fun way of learning the subject. 
  • Solve Mental Maths. Mental maths are the math problems that will play with your brain. And when you solve the problems in mental maths a good sense of satisfaction will pleasure you. This feeling will drive you to play with mental maths even more, thus in a way practicing more maths
  • Tried Abacus? Abacus learning is a healthy way of learning mathematical calculations, and this will go a long way. 
  • Relate maths with your real world. This might be the best way for you to understand any mathematical concept. This way you will get the answer of ‘why do we learn maths?’ when students see the practical application of what they study in real life, they will get even more inquisitive about it. 

However, you learn Maths, make sure you do that with proper guidance, and as the old proverb goes ‘Practice is the key’. 

Learn Maths from the Math Websites

With the growth of technology, the structure of studies also has shifted. Now the school is not limited to the four walls of your classroom. If you are willing to study you can do that from anywhere and anytime. Technology brought studies and students closer. You can search for any mathematical topic and you will have ample results on your screen. With the information so gathered, you can do your studies efficiently. 

So, now you do not have to wait for the topic to start at school, if you are curious enough you can learn it from the web!

What is Dot Product?

The dot product can be defined in either of the two ways:

  1. Geometrically 
  2. Algebraically

How Will you Define Dot Product Geometrically?

Geometrically, a dot product can be defined as the product of the magnitudes having two vectors and the cosine of the angle which exists between these two angles. 

The dot products of the vectors can be written as h.b = |h||b| as cos 0 will be equal to 1. 

How Will you Define Dot Product Algebraically?

Algebraically, we can define a dot product as the sum of the products having corresponding entries following the two sequential numbers. 

What are the Properties of Dot Product of Vector?

The properties of the dot product of a vector are as follows:

  1. Commutative Property
  2. Distributive Property
  3. Bilinear Property
  4. Scalar Multiplication Property
  5. Non-Associative Property
  6. Orthogonal Property

In this content, we saw how students can learn math in a fun way. Also, we have included dot product briefly. If you want to study more, visit Cuemath. They provide a vast range of mathematical topics which will surely serve you well. 

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