Clever SEO Strategy for Startups: How to Compete Against Bigger Companies

Clever SEO Strategy for Startups: How to Compete Against Bigger Companies

New York is prominent for having one of the biggest hubs of business and commerce globally. Apart from housing centres for world trade, banking and finance, tourism, and fashion, you can also find high technology businesses operating in New York City’s Silicon Alley. It is one of the most highly competitive areas for technology companies in the US. Launching a startup or a small business in the area requires all the help you can get from professional SEO services in New York to compete with the major players in the industry.

Developing an effective SEO strategy for startups can be challenging, especially in highly saturated markets like New York. Aside from getting the expertise from SEO specialists, here are several suggestions to help your startup have the best SEO strategy for 2022 and beyond.

1. Set Realistic SEO Goals

The goals of your SEO strategy must depend on the nature of your business and how you generate income. For example, the revenue of your business comes from the online ads or affiliate commissions you get from your website. It means you should concentrate your strategy on generating more organic traffic and strengthening your content marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, you can focus on optimising “near me” searches or voice and mobile searches if you want to boost your local SEO tactics. Discuss all of your business goals and expectations with reliable firms for SEO services in New York to understand what works best for your business.

2. Develop a Basic Measurement System

During your consultation with the SEO specialists, you need to discuss the metrics you want to measure and the process to generate the figures you want to see. From there, you can start building a strategy using the specific metrics you plan to measure.

Most of the time, the SEO team would suggest setting up your company’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. It would also help if you could coordinate your CRM solution and marketing automation with the lead capture sources you plan to use for your business in New York.

3. Have Your Website Crawled and Solve Technical SEO Problems

If you are posting content for your business website before you start working with SEO experts, you need to have the site checked for any issues to pinpoint any problem. By letting search engine crawlers index all the web pages on your site, you can start validating all the existing backlinks built on the HTTP response code.

You may use different SEO tools to crawl the website, like Screaming Frog. Some of the most important figures to look at in the crawl report include duplicate content, meta robots, broken links, 404 pages, and redirect links.

Bonus tip: Check All User Experience (UX) Markers On The Website 

Since Google rolled out the Web Vitals update in 2021, UX has become a crucial SEO ranking factor. It means you should start fixing all the UX issues to optimise your site.

Check if your site is performing according to your users’ expectations. It may include poor navigation, mobile screen incompatibility, and slow page loading speed. You may use heat map software to track the site’s user engagement and the funnel feature of Google Analytics to learn why users disengage with your website.

Running a startup in New York requires you to cover all the bases if you want to compete with larger organisations. So contact a reliable SEO service provider to help boost your search engine ranking and strengthen your online presence.

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